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Bitcoin - $100 minimum order

Western Union - $150-299.99 min-max including shipping. Payment gateway is now available. You can order greater then 300.00 but then you will have to send multiple money orders.

Discount: if you order more then 10 of one type of vial it will automatically take 10% off

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2/28/2019 - Bitcoin payment gateway is available again

2/27/2019 - **FIXED**Looks like there may be an issue with the bitcoin payment gateway - no ETA - For a work around right now just use the Western Union payment gate way and in the comments state that you want to pay via bitcoin and I will send you an address for payment.

2/22/2019 - FYI there is a typo on the Tren E  200 vials - dosage says 100mg/ml which is a mistake, it is brewed at 200mg/ml, labels will be corrected on the next batch

2/14/2019 - 5 purity tests done on Test E, Tren A, Dbol, Anvar, Proviron all came back 98%+ purity check out the results here: Click here for test results

2/14/2019 - TEST E is back in stock

2/6/2019 - Western Union payment gateway is setup, only displayed when you have a total of 150 or more

2/5/2019 - Decided to add Western Union as a form of payment (order totals must be 150-299.99 including shipping)

2/1/2019 - Test E will be back soon, just waiting for purity and lab tests to be completed on latest batch

1/28/2019 - Shipping delays due to extreme cold in the midwest

1/25/2019 - Shipping rate increase due to postage stamp price increase

1/16/2019 - Order submitted this weekend will be shipped on Tuesday (Monday is a USPS holiday)

1/10/2019 - New products listed send a request for update product list

1/1/2019 - Right now we only accept bitcoins for payment - if you are interested in Moneygram or Western Union please let us know and depending on feed back we will look at adding one or both

12/1/2019 - Christmas break from 12/18-12/26 orders can still be placed and will be shipped 12/27-12/28

8/1/2019 - Add some new products to our capsule list

7/12/2018 - Enjoy new cart checkout system is lilve


Trenbolone Acetate 100

Trenbolone Acetate 100

Item: Trenbolone AcetatePackaging: 10ml Vial 100mg/ml Manufacturer: SRx LabsActive In..


Testosterone Propionate 100

Testosterone Propionate 100

Item: Testosterone PropionatePackaging: 10ml Vial 100mg/ml Manufacturer: SRx LabsActive In..


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